A Home Suite Home for everyone

Dear Valued Guest,

We would like to inform you the following Rimbun House Rules;

Updated : September 2022

  1. Cash Deposit $100 per apartment require to secure your reservation and full rental payment must be made upon check-in.
  2. Wearing face mask is not compulsory. However, we advise you to maintain physical distancing and those who are not feeling well are not advisable to register at the front desk.
  3. Maximum in-house guests are 7 adults per unit excluding kids.
  4. NO SMOKING & BBQ inside the apartment and common area as this will trigger the fire alarm. Guests are allowed to smoke at the balconies of the apartment. Barbeque (bbq) is still strictly not allowed indoors.
  5. Gym is open from 7:00AM to 9:00PM.
  6. Swimming Pool is open from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.
  7. Only registered in-house guest will be allowed to use the pool and no outsiders or invited guest are allowed in the pool.
  8. Slippers are encouraged to be worn when going to the swimming pool areas to avoid lobby floors from getting wet. This may cause slipping and accidents.
  9. Littering is prohibited. Food/beverages are not allowed by the pool side.
  10. Rimbun Visitors are allowed Maximum of 20 Pax per apartment and visiting Hours only until 10:00pm. All visitors have to leave the premises by 10:00pm.
  11. Outdoor mass gatherings are not allowed (i.e. Pool Party). However, you may able to do gathering inside E’trigue Café & Lounge , Block B.
  12. Karaoke and/or any loud noises are prohibited in Rimbun Suites. In house activities will end by 10:00pm.
  13. No sticking of double-sided tape on wall paper and paint, any damages will be deducted from the security deposit accordingly.
  14. Landlord will deduct from the security deposit for any broken / damages, deep stains (i.e; blood stain, vomit, urine) or missing items i.e. linens, towels or appliances which are properties of Rimbun Suites and Residences. (List attached in suites for reference)
  15. Parking for in-house guest is limited to 2 lots per unit. Invited guests are subjected to availability at visitor parking. If such parking space are full, Rimbun’s security will advise for their designated parking.
  16. Deposit will be forfeited for booking cancellation 3 days prior to check in date & no show.
  17. Rimbun’s Security & The Management has the right to vacate guests for disobeying the house rules and for guest behaving in disorderly manner in the unit.


    Rimbun Suites Management has the right to forfeit deposit for any non- compliance to the Terms & Conditions mentioned above. Rimbun visitors have to strictly follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation and your continuous support on Rimbun Suites & Residences Brunei.